Enthusiastically Organized: Project Management, Drupal Websites & more

When I first started out after college, I worked in technical support. People often poke at me for not using my degree, but if a psychology degree doesn't help you handle angry customers and unmotivated teams, I can't imagine what would. I moved from the phones to escalations to managing the department, and then to internal tools and product management.

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In 2001 I made the leap to project management, and I've been here loving it ever since. I joke (though it's not really a joke) that I'm particularly suited to project management because my response to stress is to clean my desk and make a list. I was certified as a PMP (Project Management Professional) in 2008, and my Agile certification in 2013. I did a year of an MBA in 2010, but was as much relieved as disappointed when the funding for that source of study disappeared.

Drupal LogoAs much as I love my day job, I also like to get my hands (metaphorically - literally is over on the community page) dirty. I build Drupal websites - volunteer, paid by Coho/US, and as many barter arrangements as I can find. (I have a little bit of "when all you have is a hammer" going on, but at least I admit it!)