There are rather a lot of things for me to talk about on a website, some of which I don't have ready to share.

All the good tricks I've gathered for living well with chronic pain. My kid's crazy-great school and what it's been like to have them grow up there. Tie Dye. Gathering the material for the book I'll never write on project management. The list of books for kids and teenagers with great female characters in interesting stories. Being an observant Jew who is also an animist neopagan.

I have, on the other hand, shared rather a lot about being out of the closet publicly, here where future employers can find me, and yet people ask me all the time why I do it. So, I give you three things:

1st, we have the cartoon at right. Go ahead, read it. (Fortunately, my life isn't much like that first paragraph, but that second paragraph is right on.)

2nd, I almost certainly don't want to work for anyone who isn't going to hire me because they know I'm queer.

3rd, we have good data that shows that people are less homophobic when they personally know someone who is queer. So, hi! That's me.

I'm Cat, and I look a great deal like this picture:
An entirely recognizable cartoon of Cat