When I can, I like to make things.  That's applied philosophy and enjoyment and basic practicality! 

I have yet to make a dishwashing soap that makes me happy, but otherwise all of our cleaning products are on my list, plus bar soap, (I sell a fair bit of that also),  liquid hand soap, and leave-in-conditioner/curling cream that's perfect for my hair, but maybe not yours.  

I've been a baker as long as I can remember, but almost entirely sweets.  

The book that got me started on baking most all of our bread is Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day, which I recommend highly (Don't take my word for it, get it from the library and then decide!)

Let's see - aside the cat and the chickens and the dog, living things I take care of include a sourdough starter (sadly not named Bob) , yogurt culture, and kombucha SCOBY.  We started making cheese in 2021, but those starters just live in packets in the freezer.

Also in the kitchen, pressure canning.  Canning is amazing,  Who knew? (hint: lots of people knew. I just wasn't one of them.)

Let's see, what else.  Carpentry (think furniture refinishing, a picnic table, coasters, the occasional custom shelf, and the actual need for a workshop building for all the tools), jewelry making (examples on the right there), and most recently learning to make rag rugs and to tile a kitchen backsplash