Chronic Pain

pain word cloudLet me say up front that in the realm of people who suffer from chronic pain I am lucky - It's not getting worse over time, I manage a full time job just fine, take no more sick time than anyone else, and spend very little of my time feeling so awful I can't manage.

That said, I also spend very little of my time feeling physically good, and sometimes I manage just by sheer stubbornness. I'm in some amount of pain every day, worse in the mornings. I have been living with chronic pain and fatigue my entire adult life, and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in my late twenties. Fibro is sometime of a junk drawer diagnosis, but it's handy to have as vocabulary to describe what's going on for me.

There are three major things I want to talk about here.

1: Pain Scales, The Mankoski Pain Scale, and why to use it.
2: The tools I have found for managing Fibro
3: What to go get tested for if you're experiencing chronic pain and fatigue