I read a lot, mostly science fiction and fantasy!  I'm a huge fan of libraries, and I'm involved in the one in our town.  

If you're looking for book recommendations, NPR did a great top 100 a while back, and then added a top 50 in the last decade.  Here's the flowchart version of the top 100, but definitely check out the last decade's best also. 

interactive start
giant book flowchart

Over on Goodreads, we keep a list of F & SF for YA Girls (and Boys!) These are Young Adult & Adult books in the Speculative Fiction (Fantasy and Science Fiction) Genre. There's no explicit sexual violence. For the most part, these books don't just have "strong female characters". They have female characters who have agency - people who are not just reacting to what happens to them, but who are making decisions and choices that shape the plot. This list was originally created for my brother's oldest, and has grown from there!